Chhapra City Guide

A beautiful city is uniquely located at the confluence of the Ganga and Ghagra rivers, Chhapra is a place that finds a mention in the books from the ancient to the modern times.Excavations in and around Chhapra have revealed artifacts from the Stone Age thus pointing to the city’s rich history. For those looking for good tourist places Chapra has plenty to offer. Not only are there a number of parks and bazaars in the town itself, there are many scenic and historical spots at short excursions. Tourists will find many areas that boast of a rich history and culture.Chhapra has a rich cultural heritage. The city is steeped in history and much to show in terms of the Bhojpuri culture of Bihar. People of different religions and communities live together in peace and harmony practicing their own cultures. The languages spoken by well educated people include Hindi and Bhojpuri. Come lets explore more about the region with Chhapraonline City-Guide !

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